• BONUS EPISODE: New Mexico Retrospective

    BONUS EPISODE: New Mexico Retrospective


    Happy First Birthday to the Albuquerque 2023 Show! For this momentous occasion, we offer this New Mexico Retrospective Bonus Episode! On this episode we sit down with longtime friend Jennifer Herrera to commemorate our very favorite state New Mexico. Listen in as we chart Tori’s love affair with NM and take a desert drive through…

Our daily pep talk and yoga practice led by our resident yogini Rose Kress.

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…back in Bentley Helms.


[revisited in 2022]


Efrain Schunior

Producer & Co-Host

Efrain has been a Tori fan since the Little Earthquakes era, which is weird because he’s 28 and three quarters. But that just speaks to the beauty and magic of time, which is something we will never understand. He’s a devout #TeamNoun and #TeamBand who will occasionally entertain the idea of #TeamSolo but never #TeamVerb.

David Anderson


LOOK! I’m standing naked before you. Yes, hello. It’s truly an honor to co-host this show in service to the music that has helped shape my life for over 30 years. My passions include community outreach to disadvantaged members of #TeamNoun and the nuances of froperty law.

Shea Stimac

Historian & Archivist

Shea discovered Tori Amos during the Under the Pink era when she was 14. And now, 30 years later she feels so proud to still be a part of this amazing community of people who share such deep love for this woman and the music she continues to create today. Oh and #TeamNoun #TeamSolo #TeamBand #TeamQuartet #TeamTeam #TEAMTORI

Rose Kress

Never Shut Up Host

Rose has been a Tori fan since the Little Earthquakes Era and practicing yoga since the Under the Pink Era. She’s devout #TeamLive and entertains #TeamNoun.

Jack Foster

Logo Designer & Graphic Artist

Jack Foster is a writer and artist and the creator of the comic book GUN. He grew up along the East Coast, came out to LA on a lark, likes movies and hates rain. Hobbies include Stride Assessment and delivering Tori Amos news to the under informed.

Reggie Doherty

Strange Little Girls Episode Art

Reggie is a costumier, couturier, and all-round creative type who is a keen chronicler of the clothes of Tori Amos. With his interest in character and costume, it is only natural that the first album he fell in love with was American Doll Posse. Since then he has of course fallen in love with all the albums and the visual worlds that were created alongside them. Yes, even that one that you don’t like.

Maggie Stillman

Marketing Consultant

Lauren Eschwie

Neil Gaiman Correspondent

Amy K

Resident Witch

Krissy Mathews

Political Correspondent


Resident Psychologist

Amanda Hawkins


Oliver Donut

The Goodest Soundman