0101 Crucify

Even though they said they were never going back, that’s exactly what Efrain and David did! In the first reconditioned episode of the Little Earthquakes season, the boys discuss all things Crucify. Includes a fantastic interview with background vocalist Tina Gullickson as well as Crucify superfan Heather Allen. This episode is packed to the gills with rare moments, tv performances, audio clips, covers and more! Plus a full live exploration that will make you forget all about that bowling ball in your stomach.



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Tori Amos on Crucify & Little Earthquakes HERE
Tori Amos Little Earthquakes VHS Interview Compilation HERE
Tori Amos Interview on JBTV HERE
Crucify (3 July 1991 – Live @ Montreux) HERE
Crucify (31 December 1991 – Jonathan Ross Show) HERE
Crucify (23 April 1992 – Late Night w David Letterman) HERE
Crucify (25 April 1992 – Dini Petty Show) HERE
Crucify (12 May 1992 – Dennis Miller) HERE
Crucify (25 June 1992 – Top of the Pops) HERE
Crucify (cover) by Sylver Cycle HERE
Watch the Crucify Music Video HERE
Tori Amos on MTV Revue HERE
Crucify (instrumental cover) by YANTA HERE
Crucify (cover) by Joycey feat. Vesper Walk HERE
Tori Amos on Beavis & Butthead HERE
Watch Crucify Live (Welcome to Sunny Florida) HERE

Crucify (cover) by Vitamin String Quartet HERE
Crucify (Solo Piano Demo) by Tori Amos HERE
Crucify (cover) by Oriental Spas HERE
Crucify (cover) by Chris McFarland HERE

Crucify (12 December 1991 – Toscas, ENG) HERE
Crucify (14 March 1992 – 2 Meter Sessions) HERE
Crucify (2 August 1992 – Minneapolis Northwest Airlines) HERE
Crucify (4 March 1994 – Cambridge, ENG) HERE
Crucify (29 July 1994 – Raleigh, NC) HERE
Crucify (9 April 1996 – Tampa, FL) HERE
Crucify (12 July 1996 – Oakland, CA) HERE
Crucify (21 July 1996 – Portland, OR) HERE
Crucify (21 August 1996 – Charlotte, NC) HERE
Crucify (13 October 1996 – Little Rock, AR) HERE
Crucify (2 November 1996 – Tulsa, OK) HERE
Crucify (10 November 1996 – Boulder, CO) HERE
Crucify (10 June 1998 – Den Haag, HOL) HERE
Crucify (23 June 1998 – Frankfurt, GER) HERE
Crucify (15 August 1998 – Knoxville, TN) HERE
Crucify (29 November 1998 – Columbus, OH) HERE
Crucify (18 August 1999 – Fort Lauderdale, FL) HERE
Crucify (31 August 1999 – Mansfield, MA) HERE
Crucify (1 September 1999 – Wantagh, NY) HERE
Crucify (30 September 1999 – Houston, TX) HERE
Crucify (30 August 2001 – London, ENG) HERE
Lullabye (15 October 2001 – Boston, MA) HERE
Crucify (15 October 2001 – Boston, MA) HERE
Crucify (15 November 2002 – Camden, NJ) HERE
Crucify (26 November 2002 – Cleveland, OH) HERE
Crucify (5 February 2003 – Frankfurt, GER) HERE
Crucify (28 May 2007 – Rome, ITA) HERE
Crucify (1 August 2008 – Dranouter, BEL) HERE
Crucify (19 March 2009 – SXSW Austin, TX) HERE
Crucify (23 July 2010 – Pori, FIN) HERE
Crucify (5 October 2011 – Paris, FRA) HERE
Crucify (25 May 2014 – Cork, IRE) HERE
Crucify (24 October 2017 – St Paul, MN) HERE

6 responses to “0101 Crucify”

  1. J Zenel Avatar

    Thank you. I enjoyed this podcast and look forward to more.

    1. Tori Amos Podcast Avatar

      wonderful! thanks for listening!

  2. Emily C Avatar
    Emily C

    Listening to the demo again reminded me of how it had surprised me that she did the “chains” alternate melody (when she goes high) in the demo! I had always previously assumed that the alternate “chains” came sometime in live performances following the release of the album; makes me curious why that part never made the album version! The two may have sounded good layered on top of each other, too; missed opportunity, girl! 😉

  3. Tanya Avatar

    I’m so excited to have finally started this journey you guys!
    This was fantastic, I love the format, love the line-by-line, love the live evolution, and the guests are a treat.

    I wanna further strenghten your point: She also played it at the only 2013 show, the Caprices Festival show in Switzerland – you may have missed it because for some reason that show isn’t on toriset.org

    Can’t wait to dive into the next one soon!

  4. Danielle Avatar

    Hello from Brazil. I’ve just discovered the podcast and I look forward to spending the rest of 2022 with you guys. There’s very little in this world I find more beautiful than fan research. You are amazing!

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