0302 Blood Roses


Efrain and Danny are finally back on the street now. With this epic song comes epic responsibility and the boys have filled this episode with interviews, sound bites, rare live performances and more! Includes an interview with pianist and composer YANTA, a chat with an actual Pele Baby and a master class with a very talented Harpsichord player. A full exploration of the history of Blood Roses Live awaits you. Don’t be chicken! Get a taste of this meat! (This episode was lovingly crafted in memoriam, and is dedicated to my dear friend Natalie C. Green who entered into eternal rest on 7 April 2017. Thank you for the memories Nat and I hope you enjoyed your ride).

Purchase Boys For Pele (Deluxe Remastered Double CD) HERE
Purchase A Piano (The Collection) HERE
Purchase Legs & Boots: Cleveland (1 November 2007) HERE
Watch Boys For Pele EPK by Nancy Bennett HERE
See Salvador Dali's The Bleeding Roses HERE
Visit YANTA's YouTube Channel HERE
Support YANTA's YouTube Channel HERE
 Blood Roses by UV-PUNK | LISTEN
Blood Roses (Instrumental Cover) by YANTA | LISTEN
Nostos Algos I by YANTA | LISTEN
Harpsichord Concerto No. 1 in D Minor (Trevor Pinnock) by Bach | LISTEN
Blood Roses (Cover) by Eric Himan | LISTEN
Blood Roses (WNEW) (5 February 1996 - New York, NY) | LISTEN
 Tori talking about Touring with the Harpsichord | LISTEN
Blood Roses (Unplugged) (12 April 1996 - New York, NY) | WATCH
Blood Roses (12 September 1996 - Erie, PA) | LISTEN
 Blood Roses (22 October 1996 - Miami, FL) | LISTEN
 Blood Roses (7 November 1996 - Omaha, NE) | LISTEN
Blood Roses (9 November 1996 - Albuquerque, NM) | LISTEN
Blood Roses (Live in NY) (23 January 1997 - New York, NY) | WATCH
 Blood Roses (16 June 1996 - Austin, TX) | LISTEN
Blood Roses (18 August 1999 - Fort Lauderdale, FL) | LISTEN
 Blood Roses (11 September 1999 - Chicago, IL) | LISTEN
 Blood Roses (PPV) (24 September 1999) | WATCH
Blood Roses (7 October 1999 - Seattle, WA) | LISTEN
 Blood Roses (19 August 2005 - Holmdel, NJ) | LISTEN
 Blood Roses (1 November 2007 - Cleveland, OH) | BUY
Blood Roses (19 November 2009 - Adelaide, AUS) | LISTEN
 Blood Roses (29 May 2014 - Amsterdam, HOL) | LISTEN
Blood Roses (Wub Dub) | LISTEN

2 thoughts on “0302 Blood Roses

  1. I just discovered your podcast! It’s fantastic, Thank you so much.

    Regarding the Dali painting, I googled it and fond out that Dali’s wife was diagnosed with gyneocological cancer in 1930, which rendered her sterile. That would kind of fit with the painting as well, as the roses could represent ovaries and uterus.

    Thanks again for the amazing work!

  2. I’d fallen head over heels in love with Little Earthquakes, and after that, Boys For Pele was a complete departure, and felt impenetrable to my sixteen year old ears. It was dense and cryptic in a way I couldn’t even begin to unpack, wrathful and intense in a way I hadn’t been exposed to (I could deal with the fierce, male-energy anger of bands like Hole, but this was very different), and just plain inaccessible with its dissonant melodies and often out-of-control vocals. It was unnerving; a new kind of raw, and I dismissed it as inaccessible for years – it sounded like she was undergoing an exorcism, which is exactly what the record is about, but it took some life experience to understand it.

    So it’s really funny that despite the fact that it took me years to appreciate BFP, Blood Roses was immediately a stand-out track to me. It DOES stand out, but probably for being THE epitome of all the things that were reasons I couldn’t get into the record, so it’s really weird, and I really can’t rationalize it.

    I agree that the version on the organ is questionable, but I do love the 1999 version as its very own creature, just as I love the Plugged version of Horses but almost consider it its own song. I love that Blood Roses ended up being a staple on the (European leg, mostly) 2017 tour – when she started playing it on opening night we lost our collective minds. I spoke to her before the third show of the tour and told her that I thought it would be the much better set-closer (she’d played it right before the cover section the first two) because it’s a song that makes you want to shoot up from your seat and cut a bitch, and she laughed, thanked me, and I think, except for once, it was always the song that preceded the stage-rush whenever she played it after that conversation.

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