BONUS EPISODE: Tori Amos and Her Trees

Happy Arbor Day! On this very special Bonus Episode, resident tree enthusiast Rose Kress brings you a full exploration of the importance of trees in Tori Amos body of work. Of course Rose comes equipped with facts, figures, and friends. Join the deep dive with Austin Chevalier-Bowles, Saoirse Raboteau, Jeremiah Webb, Ryan Crawford and yes, even Efrain Schunior, as they explore the many trees Tori leaves behind. So don’t pine! Just spruce yourself up and log in for a tree-mendously fun and ex-tree-ordinary episode. Do you want to hear a joke about trees? Nevermind, it’s too sappy!

Listen Here

~ To Follow ~
Austin Chavalier Bowles | HERE
Saoirse Raboteau | HERE
Jeremiah Webb | HERE
Ryan Crawford | HERE

~ Playlist / To Purchase ~
Tori Amos – Speaking With Trees | HERE
Tori Amos – Battle of Trees | HERE
Tori Amos – The Beekeeper | HERE
Tori Amos – Gold Dust | HERE
Tori Amos – Wildwood | HERE
Tori Amos – Black-Dove (January) | HERE
Tori Amos – Horses | HERE
Tori Amos – Cooling | HERE
Tori Amos – Original SInsuality | HERE
Tori Amos – Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas | HERE
Tori Amos – Holly, Ivy and Rose | HERE
Tori Amos – Winter’s Carol | HERE
Tori Amos – Daisy Dead Petals | HERE
~ The Rest of the Tree Songs ~
Tori Amos – Abnormally Attracted to Sin | HERE
Tori Amos – Apollo’s Frock | HERE
Tori Amos – Cloud Riders | HERE
Tori Amos – Frog On My Toe | HERE
Tori Amos – Girl | HERE
Tori Amos – Holly | HERE
Tori Amos – Peeping Tommi | HERE
Tori Amos -Star of Wonder | HERE
Tori Amos – Forest of Glass | HERE

~ View the Trees ~
Aspen Tree | HERE
Pecan Tree | HERE
Red Cedar Tree | HERE
Eastern Sycamore Tree | HERE
Dogwood Tree | HERE
Tree Herders | HERE
Oak Tree | HERE
Cherry Blossom Tree | HERE
Cherry Tree | HERE
Wisteria Tree | HERE
Southern Magnolia Tree | HERE
Japanese Maple Tree | HERE
Honeysuckle Tree | HERE
Douglas Fir Tree | HERE
Methuselah Tree | HERE
Frankincense Tree | HERE
Myrrh Tree | HERE

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