0509 Datura

AUDIO Efrain and David get into the garden to smell the frangipani and eat the Datura. Includes in-depth conversations with Berkeley Squared, Elysia Scholl and Miika Kuusisto about Tori’s 8 minute outer space opus. And as always there’s also a ton of sound clips, rare interviews, forgotten moments, improvs and more, as well as a […]

1101 What Child, Nowell

Audio Join Efrain & David for the first annual Drive All Night Holiday Sparktacular! A celebration of the holidays wrapped in a deep exploration of the first track off of Tori’s first seasonal record, Midwinter Graces. All tied with a beautiful performance bow. Includes a fun interview with the thought that we thunk, Laura Crum, […]

0508 Riot Poof

AUDIO Efrain and David chain you to their flow, but please don’t bite their dried, lean meats. Featuring an all queer soundtrack and a big gay roundtable with James Ferrin, Melissa Kill, Reggie Doherty, Ryan Crawford and Jessie Cruz exploring what it means to be a Riot Poof. Plus in-depth conversations with Cecilee Landefeld and […]

0507 Josephine

AUDIO Efrain and David bring all of France to you as they stroll the Tuileries and look for ways to stay beautiful by the Seine. This episode includes an in-depth exploration of star-crossed lovers Napoleon and Josephine, as well as interviews with Shane DiCristina, Nathan Chastain, Danny Anchondo and Robyn Huete – 2 superfans for […]

0506 Suede

AUDIO Efrain and David find that their jets are revving, yes revving to talk about Suede. Includes interviews with super fans Matthew Taylor Thomas and Robert Janeway, as well as a cosmic discussion with Amy, our resident star expert. As always there’s also a ton of sound clips, rare interviews, forgotten moments, improvs and more, […]

0505 Lust

AUDIO Efrain and David turn the lights down low and prepare to coil and emerge for you, but they end up just tripping at your door. Includes an interview with Lust superfan Berkeley Squared, as well as a conversation with our resident psychologist PRT about keeping lust alive in the boudoir. Plus a point/counterpoint on […]

0504 Glory of the 80’s

Efrain and David get electromagnetically sucked back into an eighties party – but surprise! They’re the ones throwing it!! Includes interviews with Glory music video director Erick Ifergen and legendary podcast icon Theda Hammel (Nymphowars), as well as Glory super fan John Oursler. These bugle boy models uncover the scoop behind the single errors, as […]

0503 Concertina

AUDIO Efrain and David go too far, too far, too far in their attempt to police what you think and dream about Concertina, the fourth single from Tori’s fifth album To Venus and Back. Includes interviews with Concertina super fans Chris O’Gorman, Joseph Jagger and David Mramor. And as always a ton of sound clips, […]