0405 Jackie’s Strength

Audio Efrain and David show you some more and they learn what Jackie’s Strength can do! Includes an interview with conductor David Firman as well as Jackie’s Strength music video Director James Brown. Plus a special appearance from Douglas Knepper to help us analyze the video in a live commentary track. And as always, a […]

0404 Raspberry Swirl

Audio Efrain and David swirl you little girls with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Raspberry Swirl, and more! Includes an interview with super fan Tom Christopherson, plus a special exclusive episode of NPR’s Left, Right and Center with guests Jayne Lamb and glo Hawa. And as always, a very thorough exploration of the […]

0403 Black-Dove (January)

Audio Efrain and David cross the galaxies to get you to Texas! A full breakdown of Black-Dove (January), plus a thorough song analysis and musical exploration. Includes in-depth interviews with Black-Dove superfans Amber E and Eric Reed, as well as 10 Questions with Michael Carli. Plus as always, a thorough and complete exploration of the […]

0402 Cruel

Audio Efrain and David bring you Cruel, dahling, they don’t know why! A full breakdown of the context and history plus a thorough song analysis. Includes an exclusive 2017 cover of Cruel by Tracy Bonham commissioned by Mitchell Kissack. Plus in-depth interviews with Cruel superfan Craig Maddox and blossoming EWF Liz Knickerbocker. Plus as always, […]

0401 Spark

Audio The Choirgirl season begins proper with Efrain and David diving fin first into the start of the album. Includes an in-depth interview with Spark music video director James Brown, as well as an interview with Spark superfan James Ferrin. Plus our new segment 10 Questions… with Michael Carli. As always, a thorough and complete […]

0400 FTCH Primer

Audio In this first episode of the Choirgirl Season, the boys jump into the map for a discussion of the emotional and physical terrain of this new batch of songs. Take a very special journey with Samwise Gamgeef and his trusty sidekick Dilbo Aggins as they work their way through Tordor to try to return […]

0339 BFP Wrap Up 2

Audio The time has come to put Pele to rest. Efrain and David pay a fond farewell to the album that shaped their lives with a special exploration of the most pivotal DDI Improvs. Plus catching up with old emails, tweets, messages. This episode includes an interview with the Editor of the International Judy Garland […]

0338 Siren

Audio Efrain and David usher you from Pele towards Choirgirl in this gigantic episode of Sirenic proportions. Includes an interview with original Siren drummer Ralph Salmins, as well as Siren superfan Saoirse Raboteau. Full of rare clips, interviews and live performances, this episode will have you callin for an ambu-lance! Learn more about Ralph Salmins […]

0337 Landslide

Audio Efrain and David pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks in this deluxe episode covering Landslide and all of Tori’s other related covers. Come for the uncovered soundbites, interviews, and clips but stay for our in-depth interview with Fleetwood Mac Superfan Peter Zimmerman where he serves up all the Buckingham Nicks tea you […]