0420 Never Seen Blue

Audio Efrain and David go in and around and through Blue again, to retrieve all of the important NSB truths (and myths) from the halls of time. Plus an interview with Never Seen Blue super fan Julie Suzanne, as well as a beautiful story from our dear Emily Coussens. Another episode filled with interviews, clips, […]

0419 Cooling

Audio Efrain and David heat up while cooling down, and David boldly reveals Tori’s very own Mandela effect: The Recording Date of Cooling! A jam packed episode filled with super fans (Ashley Osterer, Berkeley Squared, Stina Duval, Alisha Parker and John Oursler), interviews, clips, rare performances, improvs and more. Plus, as always, a complete study […]

0417 Bachelorette

Audio Efrain and David throw a Bachelorette party and you’re invited! Join them as they explore the ins and outs of Bachelorette, and invite the worlds most eligible bachelor onto the show to participate in a Bachelorette Dating Game. Plus interviews with Cecilee Landefeld and Jessica Wren Butler, and as always, rare clips, sound bites, […]

0415 Purple People

Audio Efrain and David fantasize about a restaurant that never has to close. Plus a chat with Purple People super fan, Shane Bettenhausen (@shanewatch). And as always, rare clips, sound bites, interviews, improvs, a thorough exploration of the live evolution of the song and more! It could save the world! PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON […]

0414 Merman

Audio Efrain and David take a swim through Peppermint Land to explore Tori’s favorite song from this era. Plus a gay roundtable discussion with guests Jeremy Culver and Jeremy Elder on the impact of Tori Amos on their 90’s queer identity. And as always, rare clips, sound bites, interviews, improvs, a thorough exploration of the […]

0413 FTCH Wrap Up

Audio Before moving on to the B-Sides, Efrain and David invite Shea into the Drive All Night studios to discuss their final thoughts on From the Choirgirl Hotel. Includes new remixes, quotes and a special interview with legendary Al Perkins (Steel Guitar, Playboy Mommy), as well as a check-in with two FTCH super fans Erin […]

0412 Pandora’s Aquarium

Audio In the final episode of the From the Choirgirl Hotel season, Efrain and David diagnose Pandora’s Aquarium as sound. Includes insightful commentary from Musicals Creator Jared Goode, Classicist & Future Librarian Caroline Mann and Pandora Superfan Berkeley Squared. Plus our final 10 Questions with Michael Carli and a thorough exploration of the live evolution […]

0411 Playboy Mommy

Audio Efrain and David come home to take Playboy Mommy in their arms. Includes insightful commentary from Alexander Leger-Small, as well as the return of our Pele Baby Kollin. And as always, 10 Questions with Michael Carli. Plus a thorough exploration of the live evolution of the song, rare clips, sound bites, interviews, improvs and […]