05 2019 Lisa Ridlon

AUDIO This month we sit down with the High Priestess of Bootlegs herself, Lisa Ridlon. Lisa has been a Tori fan since Little Earthquakes and seeing shows since Under the Pink, so today we sit down with her and talk about her favorite shows and favorite experiences from the last 25 years. We also take […]

04 2019 Robyn and Michael

AUDIO This month we sit down with two of our favorite people, Robyn Heute and Michael Morrison. Both invaluable members of our show community,  Hootie and the Morrison have been fans and friends forever— my only question is, which one’s the ears and which one’s the feet?!!?! Today we take a trip down memory lane…all […]

03 2019 Douglas Knepper

AUDIO This month we get to know our little sister Douglas Knepper. Douglas is a gem to have on tour, and a constant source of positive energy and encouragement. He’s always there, ready to give you a smile or a beer or a picture he took of you eleven years ago! Today we find out […]

02 2019 Marco Andre

AUDIO Today we sit down with one of my favorite people to ever see on tour – Marco! Marco is a constant on the Tori Amos tour scene and also one of the truly sweetest babes you’ll ever meet. When he’s around you know it’s going to be a fun show, or at least I’ll […]

06 2018 PRT

AUDIO In this episode we sit down with PRT, a lady I respect and admire (and not only for the vintage harpsichord she keeps flaunting in front of us). PRT has been hiding in the smoky corners of the tour scene for years keeping his nose, and his vape, out of trouble. If you look […]

05 2018 Sakre & Crew

AUDIO In this episode we sit down with a quadrangle of tour folk to talk about Tori Amos Collectibles and Tori Tour Forgettables. Sakre Heinze, Kathleen Petrone, Stefan Svendsen and Valerie Lord. These beauties came to visit me during my birthday week in Los Angeles and we got to drinking. Then we got to spilling. […]

04 2018 Peter Zimmerman

AUDIO In this episode we sit down with one of our very favorite people, Peter Zimmerman, an undisputed icon of the Nouveau Tour Generation. Peter has it all: brains, beauty, talent. And the best part is, he’s a sister who won’t steal your mister. OR your ankle-straps! Today we’ll find out what made him this […]

03 2018 Danica Lamb

AUDIO In this episode we sit down with one of our nearest and dearest, a woman we’ve known forEVER—Danica Lamb! Danica has gone from Tor-tally geek to Tor-tally geek AND chic! So we sit down with her today to find out her favorite moments, signature songs and to play a little tori trivia. It’s August […]