Berkeley Squared

Berkeley Squared


Don’t make me scratch on your door / I never left you for a banjo / I only just turned around for a Poodle and a Corvette / and my best impression / of my best Angie Dickinson

I stumbled onto the Podcast some time ago now as you lot were embarking on the Pele era, and I was flabbergasted. I gobbled up every episode and decided to support the cause! I’ve been a fan ever since I smuggled my sister’s discman (and her CDs) before coming into my own with Pele. I love everything you lot do and really hope I finally get to see Tori live in 2022!


  • Team Verb
  • Team Band
  • Florida
  • Education
  • Signature Song: Space Dog
  • Favorite Album: Boys for Pele
  • Favorite Video: Talula
  • Favorite TV Performance: Mr Zebra on Jools Holland ‘96
  • Favorite Tour: Dew Drop Inn
  • One Bootleg You Can’t Live Without: Rarities
  • First Show: Atlanta, GA – sinful attraction tour
  • Favorite Show: Nashville,TN Native Invader tour