10 Tori Amos Songs To Celebrate 2018

Hello world! Efrain here from Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos Podcast. It’s almost a brand new year, and with a new year comes new possibilities! Like a ritual cleansing, stepping into a new year lets you wash all the bad things off you from the year before. Bad choices? Forgiven! Bad diet? Forgiven! There’s nothing better than looking at a fresh new year and realizing you can be and do anything you want! So here I present ten Tori Amos songs to help you celebrate your best YOU. And since nothing in any year beats friendship, I’ve consulted some of my closest friends for their input.

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Ten Tori Amos Songs To Celebrate 2018 on Spotify
Ten Tori Amos Songs To Celebrate 2018 on YouTube

Pretty Good Year
We begin this playlist the only way we can: with this iconic Under the Pink album opener. This song speaks so much of time and reflection that it’s impossible not to see a world of possibilities for 2018 as you look back on 2017. Like the impressionist paintings this song was fashioned around, this coming year can be anything you make of it. (Key Lyric: Some things are melting now).

New Age
With this day, and this day only, comes a metaphorical reset button, and nothing accompanies that reboot like this opening track from Tori’s cover record Strange Little Girls. The soft croon of Tori’s wurlitzer beside the yearning cry of Adrian Belew’s guitar reminds us that no matter what happens, it’s all going to be okay. So knowing this, feel free to dream big and jump towards the impossible. (Key Lyric: It’s the beginning of a new age / can you see and tell for yourself)

Take To The Sky
This bee-side from the Little Earthquakes era says it all: don’t you dare stand in my way as I attempt to reach my fullest potential. What better way to start 2018 than with the plan to be the greatest you you can be? The sentiment “Out with the old, In with the new” is coursing through this song’s DNA. So remember, if you feel stuck or need a push, turn the volume up on this song and let Tori remind you that the sky is the limit! (Key Lyric: Let me hear it one more time then / have a seat while I take to the sky)

Almost Rosey
From the sweet guitar licks to its slightly sentimental lyric, this song from 2007’s American Doll Posse is an absolutely go-to when you’re feeling down. Because even though it’s a new year, we should never relax or forget the very real social and political battles we must fight in 2018. This song allows you a few minutes of respite as you guard yourself against whatever the coming year may throw at you. (Key Lyric: And when I hear of one more bomb / Yes we have all been robbed of song / And nightingales who throw their arms up / When is enough enough?)

Code Red
This second pick from American Doll Posse speaks of reading warning signs in a destructive relationship, whether it’s with your partner or your record label, and not letting yourself go down with the sinking ship. As we enter the new year, it is the exact growling, gnashing reminder we need to be on Red Alert for next year! See Also: Russia (Key Lyric: Since you won’t give guarantees / I’ll be cashing out)

Spring Haze
This legendary track from 1999’s To Venus and Back still sounds as fresh as it did nearly 20 years ago. From its inspired melody, to a chorus that reminds you there is a time and place for everything, Spring Haze tells us that the fog will soon lift, as it always does. Let this ideal guide you as you too go off on your way. (Key Lyric: Certain these clouds go somewhere, billowing out to somewhere)

The sole entry from Tori’s 1996 masterwork Boys For Pele is a song that carries with it a sense of rebirth. To accentuate that, we have chosen the original Glitter Girl version because nothing gives us life like that harpsichord intro! And as Manu Katche’s drums and George Porter Jr.’s bass kick in, our naked baby selves have found our Bambi legs and are ready to boogie. By the beat break in the bridge, there’s nothing that could ever stand in our way. (Key Lyric: Balancing cake and bread / Say goodbye to a glitter girl)

Ode to the Banana King (Part One)
This playful and glorious romp through the devilish underworld starts with a very simple directive: Travel through time and space to the land of limitless imagination. The Banana King reminds us that anything can happen in this mythical land we’re in, much like there are limitless possibilities in the year ahead. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. (Key Lyric: This is not a conclusion / No revolution, no)

The longest track on our playlist comes from Tori’s 2017 opus Native Invader. From the cosmic shifts happening in and out of the tempo changes, to the marathon vocal performance in the climactic ending, Tori is throwing us a star-lined life raft to keep us safe as we ride the waves of the coming year. Something tells me we may need it… (Key Lyric: One story’s end seeds another to begin)

Gold Dust
The last time I wrote about this song I said, “There is an upper echelon of Tori Songs. Songs that, we feel, transcend Tori herself, and belong to the universe. Songs that are written in the stars. Gold Dust is one such track, closing our playlist like it closes 2002’s Scarlet’s Walk: with utter, heartbreaking perfection. From Phil Shenale’s complex and devastating string arrangement, to the nostalgic vocal, we are reduced to tears every time we listen to this song. Gold Dust teaches us to enjoy every moment because too soon, it will all be gone.” It’s still exactly how I feel. (Key Lyric: How did it go so fast / You’ll say as we are looking back / and then we’ll understand we held gold dust in our hands)

We couldn’t publish this playlist without this track from Tori’s 2009 Solstice record Midwinter Graces. In fact, as long as we’re around, this track will be on every year-end playlist we make so expect it. It’s only right. Because no matter how much time passes, we’ll never stop believing that things can and will get better. Injustices will be righted and the good guys will come out on top. (Key Lyric: Could this be the one / This could be the one / Our New Year)

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