5 Songs to Usher in the New Year

Hello everyone! It’s Efrain here from Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos Podcast (or as I like to call it, the only good thing to happen in 2016!). Before we focus on what’s in store this year, we wanted to properly ‘wave goodbye now’ to 2016. Bye Felicia! And we also wanted to let you know that with your support, 2017 is going to be the best year yet in the Tori Amos Podcast world!! Ok, onto the songs!

Spring Haze

And my only way, way out is to go so far in… 

For the last few months, most of us have been very eager to wave a final goodbye to 2016. We all felt the sadness, the disappointment, the overwhelming loss. This track from 1999’s To Venus and Back is all about keeping your head above water, even when everything seems to be collapsing around you.

Even the rain bows down let us pray…
There are many reasons why this is on our list. Besides 2016 being the cruelest year on record (don’t get us started!), this track from 1998’s From the Choirgirl Hotel marked a new era for Tori. Never before had she rocked out so much and so brilliantly and with such a heavy beat. That and a full band is what we hope for all of us in 2017.

New Age
It’s the beginning of a new age…
Hallelujah! Praise be! When the first track off of Tori’s covers album Strange Little Girls was released, we didn’t know what to expect. Tori was a mother now, and moreover, she’d been absent from the public eye for nearly two years! This track certainly delivered and was a perfect way to begin the new era of Tori’s career. New Age now serves as a reminder that even after the cultural and political train wreck that was 2016, we will still persevere. All our tomorrows start here.

I thought you were my friend but you’re a sucker
One of the newest additions to the Tori canon, this track from the Boys For Pele remaster screams of possibility and surprise. Not one of us knows what 2017 will hold, but if Sucker has taught us anything it’s that we better be prepared…

Our New Year
Could this be the one // Our New Year.
What would this list be without Tori’s signature New Year’s song? Pulled from 2009’s Midwinter Graces, Tori gives us a slightly more somber look at the future. Still, while this track reminds you that every year can hold disappointment, there will always be hope.

Even though 2016 wasn’t a particularly great year in some regards, there are some pockets where it really shone for us. We created this podcast for one. Secondly, we got to speak with some incredible people including Trevor Horn, Anita Ward, John Philip Shenale, Nancy Bennett, Big TV, Tonedeff, Noah Michelson, Molly Knight, Robert Meeropol, Shamell Bell, Janie Hendrix, Geinor Styles and many wonderful fans just like us!! So for that reason alone, 2016 was still a pretty good year!

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