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Thank you so much for joining our Patreon community! It is only through the generous support of people like you that we are able to produce this community project honoring the music and the woman that has changed so many lives over the last 30+ years. Your contribution to the show helps us to:

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  • Produce weekly content on Drive All Night and Drive All Night Plus
  • Produce daily content on Never Shut Up
  • Produce our touring show Tour All Night where we talk to people around the world about the music they love
  • Maintain our website and digital archives
  • Maintain audio hosting for all three feeds

Read on for all the exciting perks you receive as a patreon member, and helpful tips for making the most out of your subscription!

Thank you. And remember, whether you’re Team Noun, Team Verb, Team Fox or Team Fox Denier, you are welcome here!

❤️ eef and david

📸✨ EWF Photo Album
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All Patron Supporters get a personal listing on our website with their full Tori stats and a place to put your Tori pics for everyone to browse! To get your page up and running, first fill out THIS FORM and upload a picture to use as your main picture. If you have additional Tori pics EMAIL THEM TO US and please remember to include Show Info (date and location). Finally, check out all your fellow Patron Supporters HERE.

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We send out fun goodies all the time, including an annual Tori inspired Christmas Card (most years) designed by Jack Foster. Please make sure your address is UPDATED ON PATREON. Also please make sure you are enabled to receive physical mail or we cannot see your address. If you’ve been a Patron Supporter for a while and you changed your address, it doesn’t hurt to LET US KNOW just to make sure.

📝🎤 Show Chronology 🎤📝

Drive All Night is currently working its way through the Strange Little Girls Season

Drive All Night Plus (Patreon $10 + ) is currently reworking the first three albums in order

Tour All Year (Patreon $5 +) is currently doing a live commentary track for one show per tour

Tour All Night is currently on hiatus

Never Shut Up usually produces daily M-F

🌲🔥 Annual Sparktaculars 🔥🌲

Every year all Patrons will receive access to our annual Sparktacular (Midwinter Graces special episode). This will remain private for one year until the following holiday season when it will be released to the public feed and Patron Supporters will receive access to the next episode.

🔎 Everything is Searchable 🔎

With our newly redesigned website, everything is searchable. If you want to know where we played a remix, discussed a song, did an episode on something just type it in above. We are currently working through the archives to make sure everything is updated and accurate, so if you notice any errors or if something is missing please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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📡 Drive All Night Radio 📡

coming soon….

📆 Our HisTori 📆


Summer: Efrain has the idea to start a Tori Amos podcast while listening to the Tom Waits podcast Song by Song. He purchases two microphones and an audio interface.

  • March 1: Drive All Night releases Little Earthquakes with all 12 episodes at once. Episodes are less than 20 minutes long and the show is treated as a fan girl show not a history show
  • June 7: Drive All Night releases Little Earthquakes Bee Sides with all episodes continuing to run less than 20 minutes.
  • July: Jack Foster joins the team as our legacy logo graphic designer
  • July: Drive All Night releases Under the Pink. The show continues as a chat show with little historical context. The episodes grow to about an hour in length.
  • September: Drive All Night releases Under the Pink Bee Sides.
  • January: Drive All Night starts a Patreon
  • April: Drive All Night begins Boys for Pele
  • April: Lauren Eschwie joins the team as our Neil Gaiman Correspondent
  • July: Efrain creates Tour All Night as a way to document the Native Invader Tour
  • September-December: Tour All Night goes on tour talking to people all over the USA
  • Dec 3: The Precinct hosts our 1st Tori Amos After Tour Party
  • December: David Nadyne Anderson joins as permanent co-host of Drive All Night
  • Fall: Shea Stimac joins the team as our Researcher and Historian
  • January: Drive All Night begins Boys for Pele Bee Sides
  • January: Efrain and David create Never Shut Up as a daily pep talk based on Tori’s songs
  • January: Drive All Night begins From the Choirgirl Hotel
  • March: Efrain begins hosting Never Shut Up 7 days a week for several months to cope with the pandemic
  • May: Drive All Night hosts the Resistance Song Draft
  • October: Drive All Night hosts a digital online pandemic-era event Digital Ghosts
  • March: Drive All Night begins From the Choirgirl Hotel Bee Sides
  • March: Drive All Night begins To Venus and Back
  • March – June: Efrain takes Tour All Night on the road for the Ocean to Ocean tour (UK and the United States)
  • June 17: The Precinct hosts our 2nd Tori Amos After Tour Party
  • April: Efrain takes Tour All Night on the road for the Ocean to Ocean tour (Europe)
  • May – July: Efrain produces Tour All Night remotely
  • May: Amy K joins the team as our Resident Witch
  • July: Rose Kress joins the team as Tour All Night host
  • December: Efrain ends his run as Never Shut Up Host after 1000 episodes
  • January: Krissy Mathews joins the team as our Political Correspondent
  • January: Rose Kress joins the team as Never Shut Up daily host
  • February: Drive All Night begins Strange Little Girls