Song Draft Rules

Official Contest Rules

It is assumed that Tori Amos will be profiling 20 songs in her upcoming book Resistance: A Songwriter’s Story of Hope, Change, and Courage. 

1. This game works like all standard 50/50 split games. To buy in, you must pay $10

2. Once you buy in, we will send you your official song draft entry form
3. Select your pick of 20 songs (no more, no less) using the checkboxes – these are songs you think Tori will profile in her upcoming book as either chapter headings, section headings, or song profiles. Keep in mind the original title of the book was A Blueprint for Change in 20 Songs
4. The draft will remain open until the songs are officially announced
5. When the songs are officially announced, the person with the most songs correct takes half the pot! 
6. If more than one person has the correct number of songs, half the pot is split amongst all the winners! 
7. The more people that play the higher the winning pot! 
8. Follow live updates HERE