Anne Hudgens


the snakes they are my kin

I support the podcast because it’s both funny and thoughtful, Efrain and David are such great hosts and I really appreciate the amount of research and detail that goes into each episode. The line-by-lines are my favorite section. And it’s so creative! The themed approach to each season (i.e. walking through Tor-dor for FTCH, traveling in a spaceship to Venus for TVAB) is such a great way to structure them. There’s so much in each episode that you can relisten to them again.


  • Team Verb
  • Team Solo
  • United Kingdom
  • Librarian
  • Signature Song: Past the Mission
  • Favorite Album: Scarlet’s Walk
  • Favorite Video: Raspberry Swirl
  • Favorite TV Performance: Sessions @ West 54th
  • Favorite Tour: On Scarlet’s Walk
  • First Show: London, Eng 3/11/22
  • Favorite Show: London, Eng 4/3/23