Candace Mackenroth

‘Cause I can look your God right in the eye

I support the podcast because I feel like I was an isolated Tori fan growing up. I wish I would have found the die hard EWFs sooner. I wasn’t a computer kid. As I listen to y’all dissect and lavish attention on all the songs, I find myself having similar thoughts and it is great to finally feel like I’m a part of the phenomenon that is Tori fandom. Y’all constantly crack me up and have in my feels. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting so much time and effort into this project. How lucky we are to be alive at the same time as this goddess. Tori has been a constant for me for over 30 years, I don’t know who I would have turned out to be without her music in my life.


  • Team Verb
  • Team Band
  • New Orleans
  • HR Assistant / Bartender
  • Signature Song: Doughnut Song
  • Favorite Album: Boys for Pele / Scarlet’s Walk
  • Favorite Video: Silent All These Years / Gold Dust
  • Favorite TV Performance: Montreaux 91 & 92
  • Favorite Tour: On Scarlet’s Walk
  • First Show: Dew Drop Inn, New Orleans 1996
  • Favorite Show: On Scarlet’s Walk, New Orleans 2003