Craig Maddox


I can’t put this day back

Why do I support the podcast? Haven’t missed an episode yet! Long overdue support for a podcast which has provided me with as many laughs as it has thought-provoking self-reflections. Keep up the fantastic work, boys.

  • Team Noun
  • Team Band
  • Hertfordshire, England
  • Teacher and Singer/Songwriter
  • Signature Song: Marianne
  • Favorite Album: Boys for Pele
  • Favorite Video: Spark
  • Favorite TV Performance: Tori Amos on Isaac Mizrahi, 2003 – “Glamourpuss Pumpkin”
  • First Show: “Thoughts of a Librarian”, Shaw Theatre, London, 2003
  • Favorite Tour: Little Earthquakes Tour
  • Favorite Show: Savoy Theatre, London, 2009
  • One Bootleg You Can’t Live Without: “Thoughts of a Librarian”, Shaw Theatre, London, 2003