Jason Schlemer

Jason Schlemer


Those bombs, our friends, can’t even hurt you now

My favorite piece is the line by line as I have learned so much since I started listening. Efrain and David have amazing chemistry together that reminds me of my friends from when I was young. They also have such dedication to quality, thoroughness, and respect for Tori’s work and this community.


  • Team Noun
  • Team Solo
  • Annapolis
  • Graduate Student
  • Signature Song: Cooling
  • Favorite Album: Boys For Pele
  • Favorite Video: Spark
  • Favorite TV Performance: VH1 Storytellers
  • First Show: June 22, 1994 – Washington DC
  • Favorite Tour: Strange Little Tour
  • Favorite Show: Washington DC 2001 – DAR Constitution Hall
  • One Bootleg You Can’t Live Without: Austin 2001