Peter DiMauro

Peter DiMauro


Hold on to Nothing, As Fast as You Can

I’m always so amazed at how many new things I learn every episode! Songs that I have listed to for decades suddenly have new musical or lyrical meaning and it’s so great to explore all the nuances of each and every song.


  • Team Verb
  • Team Solo
  • Boston, MA
  • Teacher
  • Signature Song: Pretty Good Year
  • Favorite Album: Boys for Pele
  • Favorite Video: Spark
  • Favorite TV Performance: Sessions @ West 54th
  • First Show: Boston, MA 8/21/05
  • Favorite Tour: Native Invader Tour
  • Favorite Show: Upper Darby, PA — Native Invader Tour — 11/4/17
  • One Bootleg You Can’t Live Without: Boulder CO — 11/10/96
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