Valerie Horsfall

Valerie Horsfall


Any kind of touch I think is better than none even upside down

I can definitely relate to a lot of the detailed song interpretations and most importantly, how it makes us all feel. Her songs are like puzzles to uncover, and it is amazing how people can read into things in such different ways. Her lyrics are pure poetry that bring about every feeling you can imagine but in a cool and sexy way. I love that you guys acknowledge that and bring a fun spin to it all by bringing together the community. You have funny banter, intelligent ideas and a caring presence. Plus, your contests are fun and challenging!! I wrote that the Native Invader tour was my favorite because I got to follow the podcast step by step, meet you and be interviewed, and of course because I won haha!! It truly was an honor to experience and makes me look forward to the next tour even more ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs!


  • Team Verb
  • Team Band
  • Illinois
  • Credit Analyst
  • Signature Song: Idk, iieee, Take to the Sky, Song for Eric, lots ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Favorite Album: From the Choirgirl Hotel
  • Favorite Video: Spark
  • Favorite TV Performance: iieee (Storytellers)
  • First Show: Rosemont Theatre, Chicago – 6/6/96
  • Favorite Tour: Native Invader Tour
  • Favorite Show: Vic Theatre, Chicago – 11/6/07