0109 Mother

In this reconditioned episode, Efrain and David escape into their very favorite songscape! A full breakdown of the history of Mother plus a thorough song analysis, as well as in-depth interviews with Mother superfans Emily Coussens and Alexander Leger-Small, and a musical exploration with PRT. Plus as always, a thorough and complete exploration of the live evolution of the song, as well as rare clips, sound bites, interviews, improvs and more! Raise your hand for the assignment!


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~Tori Content~
Purchase Mother (Remastered) | HERE
Purchase Little Earthquakes (Deluxe) | HERE
Purchase Mother (Live) (Crucify EP version)| HERE
Purchase Little Earthquakes (VHS) | HERE
Purchase Mother (ORIGINAL BOOTLEGS – Chicago – 15 April 2005) | HERE
Purchase Mother (A Piano version) | HERE
Purchase Mother (LEGS & BOOTS – Indianapolis – 2 Nov 2007) | HERE
Purchase Mother (LEGS & BOOTS – Lawrence – 9 Nov 2007) | HERE

~The Videos~
Tori Amos on Much Music – October 1992 | HERE
Tori Amos London Interview/Mother Live 1992 | HERE

~ Playlist ~
Mother (cover by Christopher O’Riley)| HERE
Tori on WHFS (11 November 1992) | HERE
Tori on KLOS (24 August 1992) | HERE
Mother (cover by Yanta) | HERE
Ring My Bell (cover by Tori Amos) | HERE
Mother (26 July 1996 – Cedar Rapids , IA) | HERE
Mother (14 October 2001 – Wallingford, CT) | HERE
Mother (25 October 1992 – Amherst, MA) | HERE
Mother (30 October 1992 – Detroit, MI) | HERE
Numbness (29 August 1992 – Seattle, WA) | HERE
Mother (10 November 1996 – Boulder, CO) | HERE
Mother (30 October 2001 – New Orleans, LA) | HERE
Mother (20 November 2001 – San Diego, CA) | HERE
Mother (25 April 2003 – San Antonio, TX) | HERE
Mother (16 July 2010 – Dublin, IRE) | HERE
Mother (10 May 2014 – Glasgow, SCO) | HERE
Mother (12 November 2017 – Nashville, TN) | HERE
Mother (2 December 2017 – Los Angeles, CA) | HERE
Pirates (Dance Mix) | HERE

3 responses to “0109 Mother”

  1. Aerialgrrrl Avatar

    It only occurred to me fairly recently – with the 'black chariot', 'leave the light on/ so I can remember where I come from' – that Mother also works as a re-telling of the myth of Demeter and Persephone. So you could say it's Clyde singing to Tori, from one point of view.

    1. Tori Amos Podcast Avatar

      oh that’s very interesting, great thoughts! we miss clyde!!

  2. Emily C Avatar
    Emily C

    Thank you for posting the video clip of Tori’s father singing her happy birthday- it’s a fun and rare treat to get to see candid Tori family video!

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