0305 Mr. Zebra


Efrain takes the reigns on this full length episode for the first Pele interlude. A full exploration of this cute little number co-hosted by David Anderson and including an interview with Eisner & Harvey Award-Winning writer and artist Rantz Hoseley. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, another installment of Sincerely Shaggy, interviews with a Zebra Superfan and a Zebra Rockstar, and your chance to win a one-of-a-kind Mr. Zebra drawing by Rantz Hoseley. Full of rare clips, sound bites, live performances and more! It’ll blow your mind!

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Tori on The Big Question | WATCH 
 Mr. Zebra (cover) by Esta | LISTEN
Tori Amos on KDGE Dallas (12 December 1995) | LISTEN
Tori Amos on Modern Rock Live (4 February 1996) | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra (Instrumental) by Tori Amos | LISTEN
Modulation of the Spirit by Little Glass Men | LISTEN
Rio (Bonus Beat Blast 2011) by 1000 Names | LISTEN
Stairwell by Ryan Andersen | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra (cover) by Rachel Gawell | WATCH
Mr. Zebra by The Chanteers | LISTEN
The Big Picture by Y Kant Tori Read | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (Live on Jools Holland) | WATCH
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (10 April 1996 - Gainesville, FL) | LISTEN
Whoomp There It Is/Mr. Zebra (30 May 1996 - Pittsburgh, PA) | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (10 October 2001 - New York, NY) | WATCH
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (27 January 2003 - Florence, ITA) | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (27 July 2003 - Eugene, OR) | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (16 September 2005 - Phoenix, AZ) | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (11 June 2010 - Manchester, TN) | LISTEN
Mr. Zebra by Tori Amos (3 December 2017 - Los Angeles, CA) | LISTEN
Up the Creek (TheBoyWhoCan Remix) | LISTEN

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