0311 Little Amsterdam


Efrain and David figure it all out over a plate of Hominy. A full exploration of this Boys for Pele staple. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, a new installment of Sincerely Shaggy, and a trip down Memory Lane. Full of rare clips, sound bites, live performances and more!

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One response to “0311 Little Amsterdam”

  1. Tanya Avatar

    Well, you just positively blew my mind.

    I always thought it was the sheriff that got shot by the narrator, not the black man, because momma building a bridge wasn’t going to save the man she loved, so the daughter took it into her own hands to get rid of the one who would carry out the law… but that didn’t stop the town from lynching the black man, and momma died along with him… but not necessarily in that order – it’s just as likely that the black man and momma were murdered first, and the daughter killed the sheriff as retaliation.

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