0316 In the Springtime of His Voodoo


If you’re looking for all the #VoodooFacts you can handle, then every road certainly leads back to our door. Grab some wine and spend some time with Efrain and David, 2 Girls who may or may not be 65. Also included: an interview with Super Fan Stephen Sisk-Provencio, a check-in with our Pele Baby and the Sincerely Shaggy you never knew you needed! Plus a full live exploration including rare tv clips, sound bites, covers and more!

One response to “0316 In the Springtime of His Voodoo”

  1. Tanya Avatar

    OMG Eef, samesies. BFP felt a bit impenetrable to me when I first got it, but interestingly the “weird” tracks were the ones I found my way into first, and this still is one of my very favorites, while I also still don’t care for Damage, which is easily my least favorite on the album, if I had to choose.

    In addition to what you said, I also see the reference to the Eagles song as continuing the cat-calling idea, after all they are borderline cat-calling the girl in the flatbed (“come on baby / don’t say maybe”), and flipping that around to the girl’s view.

    Obviously 2020 fell through, but I hope you’ll come overseas whenever the next one happens, and I’d love to then gush in the pre- + post-show specials with you! 🙂

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