0318 Twinkle


In this last episode of the proper season, Efrain and David shine a light on Twinkle because they sure can. Boys (for Pele) so hard. And don’t miss the three very special announcements at the end! Also included in this episode: a teary goodbye to our Pele Baby as we send him off to adulthood, plus an unexpected cliffhanger as Shaggy wages war on an unlikely suspect. Also not to be missed interviews with Val Patterson, Tim Karu, and John Oursler. Plus a thorough LIVE exploration including rare clips, sound bites, improvs and more!

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Tori Amos on Metal Express 1996 HERE
PS22 Chorus perform Twinkle HERE
Twinkle (Cover) by Lucy Blue HERE

Tori Amos on Acoustic Cafe (27 September 1996) HERE
Edge of the Moon (Instrumental) by Tori Amos HERE
Modulation of the Spirit by Little Glass Men HERE
Putting the Damage On (Mentor Dub) HERE
Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple HERE

Twinkle (8 March 1996 – London, ENG)  HERE
Twinkle (19 October 1996 – Clearwater, FL) HERE
Twinkle (30 August 1998 – Omaha, NE) HERE
Twinkle (20 September 1998 – Santa Barbara, CA) HERE
Twinkle (30 September 1999 – Houston, TX) HERE
Twinkle (13 October 2001 – Philadelphia, PA) HERE
Twinkle (19 November 2001 – Phoenix, AZ) HERE
Twinkle (5 December 2002 – Denver, CO) HERE
Twinkle (12 November 2009 – Melbourne, AUS) HERE 
Twinkle (19 July 2010 – Paris, FRA)  HERE
Twinkle (18 July 2014 – Portland, OR)  HERE
Twinkle (19 November 2017 – Denver, CO)  HERE

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