0403 Black-Dove (January)


Efrain and David cross the galaxies to get you to Texas! A full breakdown of Black-Dove (January), plus a thorough song analysis and musical exploration. Includes in-depth interviews with Black-Dove superfans Amber E and Eric Reed, as well as 10 Questions with Michael Carli. Plus as always, a thorough and complete exploration of the live evolution of the song, as well as rare clips, sound bites, interviews, improvs and more! Let us help you give away your blue, blue dress.

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  1. Nat Avatar

    In your line-by-line, I was low-key losing my mind that neither of you mentioned miscarriage as a central theme in this song. Where I do think this song is about Tori, especially herself as a child, I also see it very straightforward as a song about the baby she miscarried, and Tori has said the miscarriage was the backbone of the album. This song literally SOUNDS like a lullaby on an album about miscarriage.

    “She was a January girl” – Tori has said she miscarried on Christmas, I know Christmas isn’t in January but Tori would’ve been living through that loss in January.

    “She never let on how insane it was”, “so many storms not right somehow” – the things wrong with the pregnancy that Tori was not aware of that led to the miscarriage.

    “In that tiny, kinda scary house” – Her uterus, and Tori if I’m not mistaken has mentioned her endometriosis, hence “kinda scary”.

    “You’re not a helicopter, you’re not a cop-out either” – Tori’s way of saying “I forgive you for not being what I thought you could be, I forgive you for leaving”

    “You don’t need a space ship, they don’t know you’ve already lived on the other side of the galaxy” – The baby was not meant for this world, she’s already lived another lifetime, was more otherworldly than Tori and Mark gave her credit for

    “I’ll give away my blue, blue dress” – I’ll trade anything to make you live

    “The snakes, they are my kin” – Snakes are reptiles, they do not carry their babies, they lay their eggs, there is no apparatus for a snake to carry its offspring – Tori is “cruel”, doesn’t know why, blames herself for the miscarriage, and this starts with her believing she didn’t love enough, wasn’t warm(blooded) enough.

    A quote that supports my hypothesis:

    “The album helped me heal the whole thing, because I really feel her presence. She was a little girl. She is a little girl on some plane. And even though I’ll never hold her physically, I really do feel her. Some days I miss her, because she taught me so much. She taught me more than a lot of people… have ever taught me. ”

    Just some food for thought 🤔

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