0421 Beulah Land


For their last stop in Tordor, Efrain and David grab their rubber boards and crocodiles as they invite some friends to join them in interpreting Beulah Land. Interviews with Natalie Lodico Bond, Eric Reed, Shea Stimac and Christa Baughman. And as always, another episode filled with interviews, clips, rare performances, improvs and more. Plus a complete study of the live evolution of the song in our A-M-O-S Live Lounge™. Gotta be/bathe/beat this episode on down.


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~Tori Content to Purchase~
Beulah Land (A Piano Version) | HERE
Buelah Land (Legs & Boots – Dallas, TX – 24 November 2007) | HERE

~The Videos~
Tori Amos on NickNews | HERE
Why Are You Making Me Sing Vine | HERE
Rent or Buy Adventures in Babysitting | HERE

~Texts & Images ~
Tori Amos Choirgirl Map | HERE
The Book of Isaiah | HERE
Read Christa’s blog about Tori correcting the Beulah Land lyrics | HERE

~ Playlist~
Justified and Ancient (The KLF) | HERE
3am Eternal (The KLF) | HERE
Beulah Land (Edgar P. Stites & John Sweeney) | HERE
Tori Interview (30 January 1996 – Boston, MA WBCN) | HERE
Sweet Beulah Land (The Gatlin Brothers) | HERE
Old Time Rock and Roll (Bob Seger) | HERE
Old Time Religion (Pete Seeger) | HERE
Beulah Land (The Legendary Ingramettes) | HERE
Beulah Land (Land of Corn and Wine) (Andrew Fynn) | HERE
Beulah Land (Reneiloe Montsho) | HERE
Beulah Land (31 October 1998 – West Lafayette, IN) | HERE
Beulah Land (30 August 2001 – London, ENG) | HERE
Beulah Land (2 October 2001 – Atlanta, GA) | HERE
Beulah Land (20 November 2001 – San Diego, CA) | HERE
Improv (24 March 2003 – Omaha, NE) | HERE
Beulah Land (24 March 2003 – Omaha, NE) | HERE
Beulah Land (31 August 2003 – Charleston, SC) | HERE
Beulah Land (4 December 2007 – Portland, OR) | HERE
Beulah Land (6 November 2011 – Glasgow, SCO) | HERE
Beulah Land (29 November 2011 – Atlanta, GA) | HERE
Beulah Land (9 June 2014 – Stuttgart, GER) | HERE
Beulah Land (12 November 2017 – Nashville, TN) | HERE
Beulah Land (1 December 2017 – Los Angeles, CA) | HERE
Beulah Land (Psychopomp Remix) | HERE

3 responses to “0421 Beulah Land”

  1. Beth Ayer Avatar
    Beth Ayer

    Hiiii. I love your podcast so much! I just wanted to ask you if you’ve ever thought of licorice man as Lord Licorice, “the main antagonist in the board game Candy Land.”

    “There ore 3 Licorice Spaces on the path. These Licorice spaces were put here by the sneaky Lord Licorice to try to slow you down. If you land on one of these spaces by exact count, your Gingerbread Character is stuck there for one turn.”

    There’s also an entire back story from Hasbro (apparently!) about King Kandy disappearing from Candy Land. Lord Licorice claims to have “hidden them from sight so all of Candy Land can be mine!”

    1. Tori Amos Podcast Avatar

      that’s great! i’ll read that on the wrap up coming up!

      1. Beth Avatar

        What an honor! <3

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