0512 Venus Live. Still Orbiting.


Efrain and David spend premium prices on platinum concert tickets for a close-up view of the second disc of To Venus and Back. Together they dive deeply into the front row seats that were gifted to them (by Sara) and fondly reminisce about the tour that changed everything. Part love letter, part scrapbook, part commentary track. And as always there’s a ton of sound clips, rare interviews, forgotten moments, improvs and more. Podcasts plinkety plinkety plink.


~ Tori To Purchase ~
To Venus and Back | HERE

~ Interviews & Videos ~
Interview (1999) | HERE
Interview (Speakeasy) | HERE
Interview Compilation 1992 | HERE
Sessions @ West 54th | HERE
Toronto Radio
Alice Radio

~ Playlist ~
Tori Amos – Black Dove (January) (18 April 1998 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL) | HERE
Tori Amos – Hotel (19 September 1998 – San Jose, CA) | HERE
Pearl Jam – Even Flow | HERE
Tori Amos – Oh Susana (13 September 1998 – Eugene, OR) | HERE
Tori Amos – iieee (Sessions at West 54th) | HERE
Tori Amos – iieee (17 November 1998 – Lowell, MA) | HERE
Tori Amos – Sweet Dreams (25 August 1998 – Nashville, TN) | HERE

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