O2OUS23 – 17 Louisville

The Ocean to Ocean US 23 tour – show 17/28! Wills and Wants are officially open! Only one word will be accepted
Space Dog / Billie Jean (11 July 2023 – Indianapolis, IN)
Butterfly (11 July 2023 – Indianapolis, IN)
Hurt/Caught A Lite Sneeze (28 October 1998 – Louisville, KY)

Pancake (15 March 2003 – Louisville, KY)
iieee (28 October 1998 – Louisville, KY)
Amy K is our resident witch. Follow her on IG @majorgeminitarot and book a reading with her at: www.majorgeminitarot.com
Tarot deck created by @sweetchloroform www.instagram.com/sweetchloroform

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