0600 Strange Little Girls Primer

In the first episode of the Strange Little Girls season, Detective Inspector Lieutenant Constable Herculeef Poirot is summoned to Orlando to help Detective Inspector Lieutenant Doctor Nadyne Starling-Vandersleuth help solve a series of strange little murders. Someone has been killing everyone at The Men In Music Business Conference, but will the detectives uncover enough clues to solve the crime? More importantly, will they be able to make their way through the conference without getting murdered themselves?

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~ Tori to Purchase ~
Strange Little Girls | HERE

~ To Read ~
Martin Amis’s 2001 piece on the Ponography Industry | HERE

~ Playlist
JR Productions – Exhibit A | HERE
Tom Aldrich – Mysterious | HERE
Tom Aldrich – Shell | HERE
Lou Bega – Mambo Number 5 | HERE
Tori Amos – Hey Jupiter (VH1 Storytellers) | HERE
Wendy Marcini – The Plan | HERE
The Waiting World – The What | HERE
Darkfluxx – Illusion | HERE
Paula Abdul – The Promise of a New Day | HERE
Mary Riddle – Hawkshaw | HERE
Almost Here – Behind the Counter | HERE
Strange Little Girl (Mysterio Mix) | HERE

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