0601 New Age

Efrain and David go over the bridge looking for, among other things, details about this mysterious Velvet Underground track and the first cover from Tori’s 2001 album Strange Little Girls. Dive into the new season as an old debate emerges: that’s right, the Sick Little WHAT debate is back and as ferocious as ever! Includes a fantastic interview with Lou Reed biographer Will Hermes, who also profiled Tori in Spin Magazine twice, as well as a chat with two New Age super fans, Matthew Barney and Stina Duval. Go deep inside the mind of this strange little girl through Neil Gaiman’s words, Macy Rodman’s voice, Reggie Doherty’s costume sketches, and even a personalized song birth chart reading by our Resident Witch Amy K. As always there’s a ton of sound clips, rare interviews, forgotten moments and more, as well as a complete study of the live evolution of the song in our A-M-O-S Live Lounge™️. Last but not least, enjoy a brand new New Age remix by the legendary Joshua Speedbliss. Quit waiting for the phone to ring and come running to us now! We want you! All your next three hours start here.

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Follow Will Hermes | HERE | HERE
Follow Matthew Barney | HERE
Follow Stina Duval | HERE
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~ Tori to Purchase ~
Strange Little Girls | HERE

~ To Read ~
Lou Reed The King of New York by Will Hermes | HERE
Don’t Mess With Mother Nature (Spin 2001) by Will Hermes | HERE
My Life In Music This Month (Spin 2002) by Will Hermes | HERE
Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman | HERE

~ Interviews & Videos ~
Tori Amos Interview (22 September 2001 – Ground Zero) | HERE
GTK: Lou Reed Meets the Press | HERE
Lou Reed Final Interview | HERE
Lena Hyena on Who Framed Roger Rabbit | HERE
Grease 2 | RENT
You’re A Stone Fox from The Virgin Suicides | HERE
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | RENT

~ Playlist
The Velvet Underground – New Age (Alternate Live Version) | HERE
Lou Reed – Perfect Day | HERE
The Velvet Underground – I’ll Be Your Mirror | HERE
The Velvet Underground – New Age (Loaded Version) | HERE
Mikey Moran – New Age (Guitar Cover) | HERE
Late Night Moods – Unravel | HERE
Sol de Amor – Classical Baroque Positive | HERE
YANTA – New Age (Instrumental Cover) | HERE
Jahzzar – Boulevard St Germain | HERE
Katimini – New Age | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (20 November 2001 – San Diego, CA) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (17 December 2001 – Milan, ITA) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (2 April 2003 – Rapid City, SD) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (6 April 2003 – Boise, ID) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (26 November 2007 – San Antonio, TX) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (21 November 2014 – Brisbane, AUS) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (1 October 2017 – Vienna, AUS) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (30 October 2017 – Toronto, ONT) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (4 November 2017 – Upper Darby, PA) | HERE
Tori Amos – New Age (Extended 12 Inch Remix by Joshua Speedbliss) | HERE

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