0112 Little Earthquakes

Recording live from Digital Ghosts, the first ever virtual Tori Amos Fan Convention, Efrain and David invite the audience onto the show to celebrate this tremendous, tremorrific track. Includes a special interview with tour staple, Elyse Pasquale, as well as our graphic designer Jack Foster. Plus the audience battles it out for a LE Remastered Vinyl in a live poetry contest. Plus a full exploration of the history of the song, as well as rare interview clips, sound bites, live performances and more!



Notes Coming Soon….

2 responses to “0112 Little Earthquakes”

  1. Kathleen Mueller Avatar

    Thank you for doing this!! BMG Music Club! Wow, I was once a member of that ha ha! Love it!

    1. Tori Amos Podcast Avatar

      it’s our pleasure! make sure to check us out on itunes and subscribe so you never miss an update!

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