0113 Little Earthquakes Wrap Up I

Efrain and David invite Shea into the studio to wrap up their thoughts on Tori’s debut album. Includes a slew of new remixes and covers, plus overlooked clips and listener emails.



Purchase Little Earthquakes (Deluxe CD)HERE
Purchase Resistance by Tori Amos | HERE

Face to Face (29 June 2015) | HERE
Little Earthquakes (29 September 1992 – Boulder, CO) | HERE
Mother (Poisoned Against the Moon Remix) | HERE
Tori Amos Nylon Interview | HERE
Tori Amos v Lorde – The Royal Crucify | HERE
Tori Amos on MTV Revue (November 1998) | HERE
Tori Amos v Bruno Mars – Grenade Girl | HERE
Tori Amos – Silent All These Years (Widow Remix) | HERE
Silent All These Years Video Compilation by Chris Gray | HERE
Silent All These Years (cover by Kat Leon) | HERE
Web Chat with Tori Amos (23 July 2008) | HERE
Precious Things Video Compilation by Chris Gray | HERE
Tori Amos – Winter (Whenyou Gonna Funk Up Your Mind Mix) | HERE
Four Tet – Unspoken | HERE
Winter (cover by Angel Olsen) | HERE
Tori Amos v Carole King – I Feel the Phantom Move | HERE
China (cover by Spencer Day & Effie Passero) | HERE
Tori Amos – Leather (Big Fat Beat) | HERE
Emily Coussens – Mother (intro) | HERE
Tear In Your Hand (cover by Santonius Luckett) | HERE
Me and A Gun (Projekt Gestalten Remix) | HERE
Little Earthquakes (Chillout Remix) | HERE

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