0308 Muhammad My Friend


Efrain and David are back to explore the Christian faith through this hidden gem. Joined by feminist author Jessa Crispin during the lyrical dissection, as well as superfan Alexander Léger-Small, it’s finally time to tell the world all about Muhammad My Friend! Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, Sincerely Shaggy, and a full examination of the live evolution of this song. Full of rare clips, sound bites, and more! Sweet! I saiduh.

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Tori on Musique Plus | WATCH 
Tori on MTV News | WATCH 
Muhammad My Friend (cover) by Kyessia Wilson | WATCH 
Muhammad My Friend (remix cover) by Aural Atrium | LISTEN 
Muhammad My Friend (5 March 1996 - Newcastle, ENG) | LISTEN 
Muhammad My Friend (cover) by Sub Rosa | WATCH
 Modulation of the Spirit by Little Glass Men | LISTEN
 Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie | LISTEN
 Stairwell by Ryan Andersen | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (Instrumental Cover) by YANTA | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (Instrumental Cover) by Hugo | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (Instrumental Cover) by Vitamin String Quartet | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (25 January 1996 - 2 Meter Sessions) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (5 February 1996 - WNEW) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (8 April 1996 - Late Night With David Letterman) | WATCH
 Muhammad My Friend (22 September 1996 - Green Bay, WI) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (23 January 1997 - Live in NY) | WATCH
 Muhammad My Friend (13 October 1998 - Jacksonville, FL) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (17 October 1998 - Baltimore, MD) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (21 October 1998 - Nashville, TN) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (28 November 1998 - Akron, OH) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (4 September 2003 - Welcome to Sunny Florida) | WATCH
 Muhammad My Friend (5 September 2005 - Morrison, CO) | LISTEN
 Father Figure (7 July 2005 - Rome, ITA) | LISTEN
 Take to the Sky / Muhammad My Friend (3 September 2010 - Moscow, RUS) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (23 August 2014 - Orlando, FL) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (16 November 2016 - Irving, TX) | LISTEN
 Muhammad My Friend (Sweet Shiseido Mix) | LISTEN

One response to “0308 Muhammad My Friend”

  1. Tanya Avatar

    Re: Muhammad in TTTS for WTSF: I always thought it was because I Feel the Earth Move is obviously a cover and she didn’t want to have to pay licensing fees to release it on the DVD. As for how they go together, thematically, Jesus ascending, i.e., taking to the sky? Putting those two together never felt jarring to me, but I can’t articulate the why, exactly. Maybe because it’s already had so many different bridges, she throws all sorts of things in there, and she must’ve known that people would go nuts to have a rarity pop up. But I do like the muscle memory theory too!

    I support Alexander in his quest to get her to play it with the full intro on the next tour. It IS an underdog song, but it was always a favorite of mine on Pele. I’ve never seen it live, but really don’t like the way it sounded in 2014, I want a piano-only version!

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