0309 Hey Jupiter



Efrain and David get to the heart of the matter by finally getting to the heart of Boys For Pele. Are they gay? Are they blue? Find out here! Including an exclusive interview with Earle Sebastian (Hey Jupiter Music Video Director), as well as insight from Juper-fans Jamie Cerretti, Craig Fisher and Ryan Hohman. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, and a full examination of the live evolution of this song. Full of rare clips, sound bites, and more! Let us be your friend to run to!

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2 responses to “0309 Hey Jupiter”

  1. Tanya Avatar

    I always took the Dakota verse as her going through the motions in a resigned way with someone new whom she doesn’t feel the same passionate way about, and not as something positive signifying a new steady, reliable relationship.

    That extra verse always made the song for me, but I’m not super into the percussion intro of the Dakota version, so my favorite is the way she’s been playing it: Solo at the piano, but with the extra lyrics. The album version is definitely the one that belongs on Pele though, the Dakota one would sound out of place, to me.

    1. Tanya Avatar

      I should’ve finished listening before commenting! I was at the Cork show. It seemed very clear to me and my friends that she messed up and started in the wrong key, and she sort of fell back into Running to Stand Still, which she’d played earlier, and she couldn’t find her way back/out, it was a little painful to watch, actually. It definitely wasn’t intended, I’d bet money on that, and I feel supported by the fact that she seemed to be so scarred by that that she never tried it again.

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