0409 Northern Lad


Efrain and David invite you to their secret places where you can find everything you ever wanted to know about Northern Lad. Featuring an interview with European Tour correspondent, Kathleen Petrone as well as insight from our Sister in Residency, Shea Stimac. And as always, a thorough exploration of the live evolution of the song. Plus rare clips, sound bites, interviews, improvs and more! Don’t say that you don’t!


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~Tori Content to Purchase ~
Purchase Northern Lad (FTCH Version) | HERE
Purchase Northern Lad (13 October 2007 – Syracuse, NY) | HERE
Purchase Northern Lad (19 October 2007 – Boston, MA) | HERE
Purchase Northern Lad (1 November 2007 – Cleveland, OH) | HERE
Purchase Stud Not A Spud (30 November 2007 – Boise, ID) | HERE
Purchase Northern Lad (11 Dec 2007 – Phoenix, AZ) | HERE

~The Videos~
Tori Amos – From the Choirgirl Hotel EPK | HERE
Tori @ Toazted.com 1998 on From the Choirgirl Hotel | HERE
Watch Snow Cake full film | HERE
Tori Amos – Northern Lad (3 September 2003 – West Palm Beach, FL) | HERE
Tori Amos – Northern Lad (22 December 1998 – Rosie O’Donnell) | HERE
Tori Amos – Behind the Music (Part 3) | HERE
Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes (VHS False Start) | HERE
Tori Amos on Rhapsody Blog (June 2009) | HERE
Tori Amos – Chicago Album Network (30 April 1998) | HERE

~ Playlist ~
Northern Lad (cover by The Spiels & Autoheart) | HERE
Pacing by Chad Crouch | HERE
Northern Lad (8-bit remix cover by Daryl Banner) | HERE
Northern Lad (cover by Jase) | HERE
Gymnopedes by Erik Satie (performed by Kevin Macleod) | HERE
Northern Lad (18 April 1998 – Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Northern Lad (15 June 1998 – Vienna, AUS)
God (29 September 1999 – Dallas, TX)
Northern Lad (18 September 1998 – Anaheim, CA)
Northern Lad (7 September 1999 – Toronto, ONT)
Northern Lad (29 September 2001 – Clearwater, FL)
Northern Lad (04 October 2001 – Charlotte, NC)
Northern Lad (12 November 2002 – Fairfax, VA)
Northern Lad (8 July 2005 – Naples, ITA)
Northern Lad (3 August 2009 – Chicago, IL)
Northern Lad (7 October 2009 – Berlin, GER)
Northern Lad (13 July 2010 – Milan, ITA)
Northern Lad (13 November 2011 – Johannesburg, SA)
Northern Lad (11 May 2014 – Manchester, ENG)
Northern Lad (17 May 2014 – Paris, FRA)
Northern Lad (15 June 2014 – Moscow, RUS)
Northern Lad (18 August 2014 – Nashville, TN)
Northern Lad (20 November 2014 – Sydney, AUS)
Northern Lad (11 September 2017 – Paris, FRA)
Northern Lad (26 October 2017 – Madison, WI)
Northern Lad (7 November 2017 – New York City, NY)

Pirates (Dance Mix) | HERE

2 responses to “0409 Northern Lad”

  1. Elizabeth Valleau Avatar

    This is going to be so annoying because I’m only listening to the episode FOUR years later. BUT in true toriphile busybody style, I wanted to share an interpretation of Northern Lad that I’ve heard several female friends talk about.

    When you’ve had miscarriages, sex becomes terrifying. Intimacy is tragic. It sometimes ruins relationships because the ACT has become so fearful for you. And sadly, the person you conceived with before and may be trying to conceive with again can feel distant, alien, and even scary.
    To me, and I suspect many other ‘folks who can conceive’ out there, THIS is what Northern Lad is all about. 🙂 The “And if you could see me now… etc” chorus encapsulates that change in your relationship to sex, intimacy, a person and your own body with terrible sadness and relatability to anyone who has felt that sorrowful shift.

    Love you boys!!

    1. Tori Amos Podcast Avatar

      i love this so much, thank you for sharing. since that wrap up is done we’ll read it on the next episode we record!

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